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Financial Planning

Financial planning is more than money management and asset allocation - it is holistic guidance through your financial life and beyond.

Elements of financial planning we embrace:
  • Financial Position:

    Evaluating your net worth, assets and liabilities, and cash flow
  • Protection and Risk:

    Identifying possible derailers to your plan and determining how to safeguard against them
  • Investments:

    Establishing a sound strategy to grow your assets regardless of the goal, from educational funding to legacy giving
  • Retirement:

    Putting the pieces of retirement together, and designing a game plan for life-long income
  • Tax Strategies:

    Utilizing methods to ensure efficient and predictable taxation
  • Estate & Legacy:

    Assurance that your intentions and impact live on for your family and community

We believe in financial planning so strongly that we offer these services on their own, even if you don’t receive investment management from our team.

For an annual fee, we create a personalized, comprehensive plan incorporating the financial planning areas, and update it every year as your life and circumstances change. You also have full access to our team’s knowledge and ongoing use of our financial planning tools.

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